Is mom bitter or what?
British publishers are embracing a new genre: "mommy-lit", which moves from the single-gal-dating arena -known as "chick-lit" - to the subject of motherhood, in what's considered a natural evolution. "Mommy-lit" supposedly borrows the acid view from its sister style, though its insight is yet to be proved.
I want you, don't ask why
Young people around the world keep trying to answer a major concern: to achieve significant social interaction. The hot thing nowadays is "Online cliques" - websites that gather like-minded people. Nonetheless, neither instant messaging nor cliques seem to solve the question of what to do with your contacts…

Scientists create a map to unlock brain secrets.
Get your diagnosis and your treatment, all in one pill.
Can pizza help in the cancer battle?
Plus, doctors recommend to loosen up those ties.

Scientists say the ozone depletion is slowing down.
And, could we all have come from outer space?

  July 31st, Thursday, 2003, ip nº50
I wanna be sedated
City of Buenos Aires and surroundings: drug consumption increased almost 4 times among workers

According to recent news, addiction to drugs is on the rise and worrying both governments and companies. Pollsters argue that modern job conditions and daily stress are to blame for this; however, the scope of the phenomenon goes way beyond the corporate or professional field: it affects all kinds of people. Could this trend be read not merely as an escape from a particular unsatisfying life model, but more as a proof of people's detachment from the world itself as a general attitude? Could addictions be a way of coping with the inability to create substantial and worthy bonds with the world, in an scenario where life is perceived as ephemeral?
American Companies are losing hundreds of bucks a year because of their employees' many addictions.
Britain's quest to put an end to binge drinking.
After, some numbers on world drug consumption.
In the mood for creating
Unemployment 'triples suicide risk'

New findings revealed that unemployment increases a person's risk of suicide up to three times, among people from 25 to 64 years old. Socially speaking, unemployment is believed to distress people because it isolates them form the rest of the productive community; besides, finding a purpose in life and carrying on is a major issue for unemployed people. This made me think about the importance of a job in people's lives as one of the main motors -- if not the only one, about the public perception of unemployment, and especially about the non-existing predisposition to develop our own survival strategies and to find the taste of doing so.
Lastly, a funny story on being unemployed, the perspective it gives us on the use of time in our daily lives, and how resourcefulness can be a powerful tool.

Appeared in (UK).

Find out more on the different measures European countries are devising to slay their delicate economic situation caused partly by a generous pension system.

> On the State's policy:
The UK public sector is now the most popular choice among graduates looking for a job, to subsidize this sector to obtain human resources being the government's first concern.

> On the demand for History:
A new UK site makes available data on the history of migration to Britain, online for the first time. It also offers guidance on tracing family history, and allows visitors to contribute with their own stories of migration.

US gay and bisexual men are engaging in risky sex with partners they meet on the Internet, nowadays considered as a new form of bathhouse. This is raising fears of an AIDS major comeback.
Blogging goes mainstream.
Finally, more data on the delay in marriage in Argentina.