Help me, I'm rich!
Check out the next story on people who became significantly wealthy fast. The article reflects not only the lack of personal resources to build a life strategy matching their new possibilities, but also the emotional instability and guilt those possibilities cause.

Gene therapy is about to be tested against Parkinson.
Recent studies are optimistic that vitamin C helps in cases of stomach ulcers.
Read on the pros and cons of aspirin as a cancer ward off, plus more evidence on fish oil helping treat depression.
And your mother could be right when she kept your baby teeth! Find out why here.

Since not enough stars are being born lights will be switching off all across the cosmos.
After, black holes - fountains of life?
And, could we be living on the Moon within 20 years? Answers ahead.

Finally, peek on Angelina Jolie´s thoughts on her recent divorce and the importance of personal growth.

  August 21st, Thursday, 2003, ip nē53
A smarter shortcut?
Graduate unemployment on the up

Read more on a recent phenomenon that has manifested mostly in the UK in the last year: the sense that university does not cover even the basic range of expectations that most college students hope for. Namely, the certainty that a degree will enable them to work in the field of their choice, or guarantee them professional qualification, and all that without having to get into debt for years, if possible. Recently, youngsters have begun questioning whether university makes sense educationally and financially, displaying more obviously its inadequacy -not to mention the spiritual aspect of the matter regarding students' satisfaction and life quality.
First, unemployment has risen among new graduates, and students start seeking further training or keep studying in order to get more job opportunities.
Then, the increasing debts are driving most of the students back to their parents' house, thus undermining the independence factor. Meantime, fees continue to rise, giving a hard time to those who decided to study.
Plus, students seem to be learning more from TV, and social sciences are considered to be a "safe" choice to pass application exams, evidencing the low in the educational standards.
Tempted by the alluring sense of freedom
Women become Italy's summer breadwinners as men reacquaint themselves with the children

Afterwards, a curious piece about an Italian trend that developed through the last few years: on holidays, women take over as summer breadwinners, while men take the children on vacation. The article points out with a positive outlook the advantages of this move in women's lives, who being left alone have the chance to rediscover the joy of unmarried life, evidencing the difficulty married people experience when it comes to recognizing themselves as separate individuals with their own necessities and spaces.

Privacy Issues
Not so good news, apparently the Chinese government will be implementing the one thing it has been seeking for years: a national ID card.
US security screening for airports could actually benefit whom it's not supposed to.
Then, a new bill to fight drug traffic could give law enforcement even greater powers.

> Showbiz News:
The Stones go online full throttle and offer for sale more than 500 tracks, adapting themselves to current consumption rules, and legitimating the digital music deal.
Meanwhile, RIAA is treated coldly by the Senate.

More data on the dating online trend, this time featuring specialized match sites.
It's boredom what's driving kids to drug and alcohol use, according to a yearly study. Furthermore, happy-hour time seems to be over in Ireland and Scotland, and British tourists aren't making a good impression abroad.
And do you remember those times of playground games and outdoors fun? Well, most of kids in the UK aren't getting any of it. Read it next.