What is your bet on this?
Read some on the web sites that allow people to speculate on different world events and gamble on election or box office results, and use points later exchangeable for fake or real money. However, some claim it could be a way of keeping track of the public pulse too.
A personal matter
Has personality more to do with upbringing, genes or both? Is it possible to mold our personalities to our benefit? Get some answers in the next piece on how science is trying to explain its basis and to figure out how our genes interact with the environment.

A better version of us? Find out all about the new "high tech bodies".
After, a new healing drug is showing encouraging results.
Girls need bigger breakfasts.
How many steps to lose those pounds?
And, breast cancer tests are to be carried out in the UK. Check it out here.

Extra News
> On the medical use of marijuana:
German researchers have found a synthetic version of marijuana, which could safely reduced pain without producing mind and behavior disorders.

   October 9th, Thursday, 2003, ip n59
Is it now time for me?
Free at Last!

When kids go to college many parents experience what is known as "empty nest syndrome" -missing their child and having a prevalent sense of vacuity and boredom. According to a recent Newsweek article, this could be the start of a new life stage for the baby-boomer parents, who are healthier and more educated than prior generations as well as economically sufficient. So, be it enrolling on a new course of studies, taking up some long forgotten but loved hobby or going on a trip, parents start the difficult task of reconnecting to themselves and seizing their time. It seems as if people just live suspended in some limbo, until at a certain point they reboot their systems and start right where they left it.
Link: http://www.msnbc.com/news/975123.asp
On the matter of self-growth: are you a sporty or a lazy person?
Living on Purpose

Peek on the following article about how we can achieve what we want to be, how we can change our personalities, and once again how to get some clues to a better life. This piece's unusual approach that suggests perceiving our shaping process as a sort of sport training is what most caught my attention. Some highlights of the text: the importance given to discipline and established routines -as a way to systematize a program to improve certain features-, the setting of an exterior image as a guide to what we ultimately aspire to, the value of taking care of our bodies, and finally the integration of all we do with a purpose. The sport images seem just suitable because when it comes to redesigning ourselves, it's none but ourselves we have to beat.
Link: http://www.psychotherapynetworker.org/living_on_purpose.htm

Appeared in CNN.

Privacy Issues
First, take a look at this invasive spyware and a pair of teenagers' quest to beat it.
Afterwards, Google starts to monitor heavy users.

Cultural Ads
Beware: according to the Chilean Church, a divorce law -inexistent till now- will cause higher rates in alcoholism and drug consumption among other plagues
Then, the Chinese government has just made marriage easier. Who wants to make a toast?

Researchers in England and France claim to have discovered matter's most dark secrets
Off to the space we go?
And get the latest scoops on outer space life.

Sneak a peek on some of today's hottest "alternative" magazines for youths, their editorial style, and what it is to be cool nowadays -that is experiencing as much as you can, no matter what.
Are kids overloaded with homework? Not quite it seems.
Plus, the much publicized wave of "social software" takes over e-business.