Thursday, October 18th, 2001. IP Nº6

The new guru?

Interview with Naomi Klein
According to Ms Klein the way in which some artists play politics is a bit too old fashioned to this time. Ok, but how innovative are Klein's ideas?…and then is it all about the big corporations' monopoly anyway?
Entertainment Business on guard

The Age of Irony Isn't Over After All
The other day I was wondering how the entertainment world would react to the events of September 11; considering people's recently surged sensibility, will recourses such as parody, sardonic humor or even violence continue to have the same validity as before?
And then taking into account that the show business will have to adapt to the new circumstances, will it succeed? and what changes will there be?
Will we have to watch less critical and more nationalistic films?
Another fact is that, apart from the movie industry, the rest of the main consumption areas don't appear to be affected by international issues.

Besides, while the main movie studios are cutting down the number of projects for this year and some releases are being delayed, the TV rating is higher than ever.
Is it perhaps that movies are the less ductile pattern of this culture?
The uncertainty of being watched

A Cautionary Tale for a New Age of Surveillance
Here's an article about new security technologies that are starting to be employed in USA. Something that really interested me was the incredible metaphysical manipulation behind all this security machinery.

See by yourselves...

What do you do to take your mind off recent events?
• Spend time with family 34%
• Go outdoors 29%
• Watch news 14%
• Watch anything but news 23%