Virtual therapy
Recent studies show that certain phobias could be beaten by video games. This would be an effective method because video games make people confront what scares them, but in a controlled environment. So, all you have to do to defeat those fears is play!
A basic biological need?
According to scientists, social exclusion causes a similar reaction in our brain to that caused by physical pain. This doesn't mean they are experienced in the same way, or that they hurt as much, but still it's a nice note on how important social connectiveness is.

Scientists may also be close to find a new and more effective way to treat leukemia.
New evidence indicates that one aspect of memory automatically improves with age, and that what you do to improve your physical health may go to your head.
HIV drugs could soon offer patients a normal lifespan.
Can we imitate amphibians? We should start practicing for our sake (and our organs').
And take a look at the advantages of sex.

Plus, the return of the burned-out celebrities? Courtney is loosing it, we tell you the true story behind Lauryn Hill's disappearance and depression, and Bowie confesses he needs music to beat boredom.

   October 23rd, Thursday, 2003, ip nš61
Standing on the edge of the illusion
Unmarried America

Maybe due to the fact that people is more economically sufficient, or because they aspire to a different lifestyle, people are actually delaying (if not postponing indeterminably) marriage. Next, a series of articles uncover and help us understand the consistently increasing phenomena of people choosing not to marry and live single, and what's more important, how society is acknowledging this. Will this trend light up some of the blind spots of culture -such as the conception that marriage is unavoidable, a sort of landmark in one's life? Is it too soon to think that this cultural fluctuation could be a starting point for people to consider other profitable (an even socially endorsed) life models? Perhaps the assimilation of the new state may break the spell we live in, and lead us to rethink many things.
Plus, read the following article on legislation aimed at benefiting unmarried couples.
And here's another piece of coverage of the phenomena.
Crystal clear so that you know it
Interview to Angelina Jolie

Afterwards take a look at this interview to Angelina Jolie, who recently divorced her husband and adopted a baby girl, which displays in a very transparent manner -coherent with Angelina's nature- and sporadic lucidity some key issues. First and foremost, the importance given to having a sense of purpose in life, and its association with happiness, since she admits love or professional success aren't enough. The article also serves as a reflection of what children give to people's lives: the purpose itself sometimes, but also a much needed "extra push" to try to overcome fear of death and one's helplessness in life. The picturesque thing in this piece is precisely that it (knowingly) exposes the idea that for some people the only way of solving their life is not focusing on themselves at all!

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Privacy Issues
Finland has a new law that allows parents to track their young children via mobile phone, even without their consent.

> Showbiz News:
A student eluded anti piracy soft just by striking "shift".
Read on Skype, a new program that allows you to make high-quality phone calls over the Internet for free. Are you ready for the next Napster-like phenomena?

An Australian real estate agency is selling moon plots. Fancy a new holiday house?
Then, find out which stars could provide enough time to develop life.

Either because of the excessive melancholy for other times in popular culture, or because of the use of copyrighted material, today's artists are struggling with their own inspiration -and this is becoming evident.
One in four students will experience a mental health problem during their studies. Read it next.
Mixing philanthropy with tourism? Some travel agencies are joining hotel stays with fundraisers, targeting people in a merrier-holiday but not precisely guilt-free state.

Extra News
> On Euthanasia:
Read more on euthanasia from the mouth of one of its advocates: the legal scope, how society tackles it, and giving people the right to decide.