Be careful, asleep worker standing
To your surprise one in four employees falls asleep during work hours. But wait there's more, apparently they tend to do it in places such as restrooms and under desks. Employers will have to keep more than employees´ spirits up…
The darkest side
The following piece talks about the Columbine tragedy on its fifth anniversary, presenting evidence and trying to answer some of the remaining questions, sometimes running into the worst imaginable.

Read on the new techniques to treat hypochondriacs.
More studies on ecstasy consequences are killing its risk-free appeal. Read it next.

Stem cells could help repairing failing hearts.
The creator of Dolly has surprised yet another time the scientific community asking for permission to cloned embryos.
And kiss goodbye dads! Scientists have created a mouse that has two moms and no dad.

A new theory could prove that the universe may be finite, that is if the universe turned up to be shaped like a medieval horn.
And sneak a peek on the tiny visitors that had remained on hardened lava.
Later, NASA is putting Einstein's ideas to the test.

   April 28th, Wednesday, 2004, ip nº74
Where you finish and the State begins
Marching for their lives

It's been a long time since the State's continuous efforts to surpass personal decisions wasn't as clear as it was in the last couple of weeks. Mainly due to the abortion debate that has been flooding newspapers as well as the streets, the State's intrusion in people's lives has became too obvious and aggressive to ignore. This matter suggests that aren't only Patriot Act and ID cards -certainly more low-profile topics- threatening our autonomy, but also more and more often things related with the most basic facts of life (marriage, kids, work, etc). Maybe we should visualize that behind every public posture lays a specific cultural subtext that responds to a certain agenda. The question is: have you got your own priorities clear?
Read on the specific measures US administration has been trying to push forward.
Plus, speaking of the State having a clear idea regarding what it hopes of their citizens, check out these moves: the recent legal delay issued to stop same-sex marriages, and the incorporation of special family services for parents with kids.
Keep up, or life may pop up
Colleges encourage students to stay on four-year track

Take a close look at the following article that describes a consistent trend: the prolongation of college education beyond what's considered suitable. The piece elaborates on recent efforts from universities to encourage kids to finish their courses in the stipulated four years, being with financial incentives, or educational programs. Among some of the reasons given for the educational delay are financial hardship and poor preparation, both of them external to a certain degree to the student itself. Nothing on motivation, or life planning, or even soul searching and the quest for new horizons as possible causes it is said. Though we could think that's precisely where at least part of the questioning should be directed at, because as the author himself puts it, in order to finish university on time some things ought to be put on hold.

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> More on the value of memories:
Here you´ll find an interview to the co-founder of the Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics, on the new neurotechnologies, mind control and the ethics behind all of it.

Privacy Issues
It seems Americans are starting to realize that Patriot Act not only target foreigners, but them too.
And workers will face a somber panorama in matters of privacy.

Showbiz News
Read on the advance of satellite radio, and of how it can become the latest bastion of free press and free speech. And know about how cable TV could be censored in the same way.
Plus, a new technology promises to make copyright enforcement easier to the joy of universities and Internet providers.
And the debate on whether online music should be free continues...
Lastly, movie studios just can't believe they finally get it right with the DVD.

Fill you in on the single phenomena and its link with the upcoming elections.
Also get a scoop on the difficulties even the coolest recruiting campaigns -such as MTV´s "Rock the vote!" - are having to get to the jaded Generation Y.
Finally blogs continue their ascendant road to mainstream culture, with the personal bias and informal style as two of their best attributes.


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