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Here you'll find an article on the making of a suicide bomber, which dives in many of the reasons why a person could assume this role. The bottom line is that individual psychology is not the decisive factor. Find out next.

Read on how exercise staves off aging in brain.
Gene therapy is being used to build a modified form of HIV in a new potential treatment for AIDS.

> On the after-morning pill debate
After-morning pill sales without prescriptions won't be happening any time soon in the US. Drug regulators rejected the application for selling the pill over the counter.

Check out this interview to Richard Gibbs, one of the pioneers in the genetic research field.
And many politicians are pushing forward the embryonic stem-cell research.

Amazingly enough it seems that Venus's clouds could be harboring living microbes.
Are we going bye-bye on earth? Not quite, but there will be a very large space rock crossing our orbit this fall.
Plus, add another arm to the Milky Way's make-up. Read on the discovery here.
And finally understand more on the antimatter phenomena.

  May 19th, Wednesday, 2004, ip nº77
The comfort of being an eternal teenager
High School Heroes: Mom and Dad

According to recent studies teenagers and their parents have never get along as well as they do now. Say goodbye to the sarcastic Generation X, and welcome the new birth of youngsters who enjoy spending time with their parents and whom they consider as best friends. Following the recent revival of the family and the comeback to the parents' home, this recent phenomenon seems to be based upon the search of security and the need of fitting in a greater scheme, but mostly emphasizes the prolongation of adolescence in which emotional dependent teens grow relying on their parents more than ever. Which are the costs in matter of self-assurance and self-responsibility? What's so frightening of growing up? And how much far could this trendy infantilism go?
Also, continue reading about the young adults returning to the family house.
Feeling a little bit nostalgic? You are not alone
How Retro Can You Go?

Afterwards take a look at this Time's special on style, which explains how the so called "retro modernism" is taking over fashion and design world, and also reflecting people's current mentality. It's a return to the 1950s -because this present looks very much alike the past-, characterized by the denial of technology and the quest for more "emotional" products, and where the search for certainty is as vital as it is the digging in our antecedents. The feeling that we live in a confusing and unmanageable world is very much present in the article as well. So it is the sensation that without nostalgia conceiving a future would be impossible. But somehow it feels as if we were always living in constant state of nostalgia. Wouldn't be better to adjust our minds to the right time in stead of bringing the time that best suits us back?

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> On art today:
More notes on the association between creativity and suffering; this time a review on how are painful experiences fuelling some of the most recent music releases.
Read on the thin line that separates innovative art from copyright infringement.
And speaking about innovation: are artists running out of ideas? Check this minimalist show on nothingness.

University News
Are universities finally getting it? Not really, but at least it seems Harvard University is trying to push forward a couple of original measures aimed at expanding his graduates' horizons.

Privacy Issues
Biometric passports are to be implemented in the US.
Then, be warned about "keyboard eavesdropping"
Meanwhile, a database known as the Terrorist Screening Center continues to stir up doubts and fears.

On video games:
First, find out all about the newest video game lounges, posh places that charge by the hour to play sophisticated games, providing cozy hangout spaces and happy hours.
After, video games continue to flirt with education.


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