State is on your side, isn't it?
According to the Center for Law and Social Policy every US state has initiated at least one measure to promote stable families and marriage. Pretty impressive? Be aware of what is currently doing the State, and why is doing it.

If you thought that deaths by secondhand tobacco smoke were more a medical myth than an actual true, see these numbers…
Find out more about the discipline that is molding the med-tech field today: nanotechnology.
Wanna know how well your brain goes on drugs? Watch the effects of antidepressants on our brains.
Finally doctors believe they can heighten our IQ capacities! Read it next.

Read more on the so-called cosmic dark age.
And check out some new facts on the sun origin.

  June 9th, Wednesday, 2004, ip nº79
In the mood for hooking up, and other things too
Friends, Friends With Benefits and the Benefits of the Local Mall

Take a look at the ''friends with benefits'' trend (friends you hook up with regularly) which has become a significant modality these days. The out of the ordinary thing is how kids are now visualizing the "hooking up" as a way of keeping their options open and freely enjoy casual sex, being monogamy and romantic relationships in general a constrain. Nonetheless there's the idea that marriage will eventually come and schooldays´ fun will be over -love to that matter seems like a poor excuse to cope with the new setting. But this carefree vibe could easily lead to a detached mood. Wouldn't be a shame if romantic relationships were to only be considered as a burden? An unequivocally road to erosion? And what about coming up with new grounds for these? After all not being in a "committed" relation doesn't mean not being committed with people.
Know yourself, but don't forget to choose a university
Don't look back in anger

A new initiative of The Higher Education Funding Council for England serves as an excuse to reflect on how are students choosing their careers today, and what elements seem to be excluded from that choice. A bit in the spirit of a "customer satisfaction survey" the idea of this study is to inform future applicants by quizzing current and former students on how satisfied they were. Of course the concern is always about choosing the right course, not about thinking if it is really imperative to choose one, disarticulating the axiomatic character of all this. And though self-discovery is praised as a relevant factor when choosing, it is only with the final goal of selecting a fitting education.

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The future is here
Sneak a peek on what the transhumanists aspire to. Has the time when the human body became obsolete arrived?
Plus, read an article on how neuroscience will be the driving force behind almost everything.

Privacy Issues
US is about to get a privacy czar.
And foreigner visitors will face "real-time identification", thanks to a new multibillionaire deal. (NYT registration required)

University News
Check the new state of mind of the "millennial generation" graduates: more prepared than ever, but haunted by the unemployment ghost.
And what about the latest figures on the proportion of US graduates? You´ll find them next.

Showbiz News
Does anybody tell you that downloading music is uncool? Take a peek at the educative role-playing games that are taught in schools.


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