How to be a proper bride
Believe it or not you can learn to be a good wife in bridal schools, where brides-to-be learn from cooking to couples psychology, and also how to get along with their mothers in law. Let's just say that independent thinking is not their strength.

A new virus that blocks the cocaine high on rats shows promise. Read it next.
According scientists to find a joke funny and to actually "getting" it happens in different regions of our brain. Find all about it here.
Plus, cheer up, we could soon be enjoying from the benefits of coffee. A naturally caffeine-free coffee plant has been discovered.
Afterwards, find out which are the facts when it comes to sleep more than seven hours a night.(NYT registration required)

If you wanna climb to the sky you should build a flying rocket, or an elevator for that matter. Read on the so called "space elevator".
Astronomers continue to be intrigued about Saturn's dark and mysterious moon.

Then, why can't artists get over their misery -and themselves! - for once and for all? Read on Metallica´s idea of filming a movie on their group therapy sessions, and on what Robbie Williams is going through.(NYT registration required)

  June 30th, Wednesday, 2004, ip nº 82
A new era of social enhancement?
Addicted to Mother's Love: It's Biology, Stupid

First take a close look at a new study that provides solid evidence that the social dependence between mother and child is an addiction-type phenomenon. An interesting piece that not only provides a -quite fitting?- metaphor for the dependence on parents establishing that maternal love has an opiate component, but also lead us to reflect on the possibilities of medicine and genetics. Have you imagined what effect could have the fact that with a mere alteration of a gene we can redesign our social behavior, both in our culture and in ourselves? And if you have, would you choose to suppress or to alter any human feature that you want (let's say, the monogamy drive, or the maternal instinct)?
In search of a better culture for singles
Quirkyalone Net

Afterwards check out the new groups and tribes that keep popping up to fill one of today's most visible vacancies: a culture that suits the increasing group of people that aren't married. Not always successfully, these groups propose a different view over bachelorhood. The latest of them all are the "quirkyalones", a group whose only merit is to exalt the virtues of solitude, and to recognize the necessity of building a like-minded community. But the downside is that they seem to be just another type of romantic (this time around a more pragmatic one). However there should be other things apart from work and friends to lure singles (either you focus on your couple or you compensate with your career), something that competes with the still powerful image of love, a purpose that integrates both what you want to do and the will to interact with the world.

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The anti-indecency crusade continues, read on the changes the FCC wants to make on DVDs!

On the use of the information: Is knowledge a commodity?
A neurobiologist at Duke University has recently shocked the scientific community by publishing his research for free on the Internet.

Showbiz News
On culture's creative predisposition:
The one who said music was lacking of its original creativity, simply opted for bringing it back. Literally. If not check out the latest resuscitated bands.
On with the recycling trend, find out why Lollapalooza festival finally didn't happen.
Also, it seems reality TV is coming right from the couch to our living rooms, with new shows that include therapy sessions.
And speaking of mediocre TV programming, the chief of the reality programming at Fox is suspected to steal ideas from other networks.

"The power to the bloggers"… seems to be the new motto, since they are now getting the same accreditation than mainstream media to cover the upcoming political conventions.
Lately the American dream is becoming harder and harder to get. Catch up with the current state of US economy, and read about how are people affording the illusion of their own home.


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