If you want to cry, just do it
A new bar has opened in China, but not the usually happy hour you may imagine, but a bar for heartbroken people to cry as much as they want while having their drinks.

Learn more on the healthy combos of vegetables that might make the difference when it comes to your health.
Scientists think they've found what bacterial cell and more complex ones hold in common. Read it next.
And finally a summary on the facts of aging.

> On social addictions:
Concern grows in Britain over women binge drinking.
Then, doctors are surprised by the effects of methamphetamine on the brain.

> On medical marijuana:
Cannabis can actually help to reduce the pain of patients with multiple sclerosis.

Find all about the cell bank US government is planning to open, which will only grow embryonic stem cells eligible according to official regulations.
Meanwhile a senator is pushing the cloning of adult stem-cells.

  July 21st, Wednesday, 2004, ip nº 85
Sport can turn you on
Play hard, work harder

If we look into our daily lives we might not find as much challenging situations or spaces as there could be, and people seem to be at ease with it, too comfortable to strive for anything. Maybe that's why companies are seeking to stimulate their employees with motivational talks by athletes, and the "sport metaphor" is so suitable these days. After all if there's something athletes understand better than anyone is the concept of pushing the boundaries (exterior and interior), to strategize, and to develop personal attitude and strength. In the small universe that represents a sport contest the unavoidable goal always will be to test you. Perhaps if we were as much competitive and active as we are in a football match in our lives, we'd be more inspired, focused in our growth, and most important, we will have the confidence to set us to do almost anything.
Link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/magazine/3873561.stm
And speaking of pushing you as hard as you can, and embrace the psychological attractions of a challenge, read this piece on the ultra-runners and running across continents.
Link: http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk_news/story/0,3604,1264494,00.html
Nothing will save you from burning out?
Go ahead, punk ... make my day

TV shows that feature the possibility of becoming someone else, more precisely characters from your favorite movies, movie stars that change career in order to deal with boredom. Why is that common people, and also big stars, just don't want be themselves anymore? Have everyday lives -even those fill with glamour and fame- became too dull to experience? Is it that boring to be oneself? And if the fate inevitably appears grey, would a simple solution such as swapping or mere fantasy help? Finally, to show that people is really having a hard time with their jobs too, take a look at the next reality show coming up: ''I Hate My Job''. Culture seems to be in a denial face where visualizing other lifestyles is impossible, perhaps the only way of waking it up would not only be to come up with new models, but prove them effective.
Link: http://observer.guardian.co.uk/omm/story/0,13887,1261017,00.html
Link: http://www.riorevuelto.org/news/ipmail_85_1.html
NYT (registration required)
Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2004/07/18/magazine/18QUESTIONS.html

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The past works its magic
Know more on the heritage boom that's invading Britain this season.
And, what about the nostalgia for old video-games, such as Space Invaders or Pac Man?

Privacy Issues
Now Coke cans may spy you. Or at least that's what US authorities are considering…
And an interesting new file swapping program which aims at making government more transparent, is turning the whole swap-phenomena in favour of privacy advocates.

> On social nets and technology:
Keep you update on the social-networking phenomena, that far from wane, continues to offer us new devices to enhance our social lives. MIT (registration required)
Are you liberal? Wanna a date? Check the new partisan online dating sites here.
Then find out what ever happened to the Fakesters, who inspired a whole new way of marketing.

Marriage? The hell with it!
Halle Berry says she's never marrying again, she claims that it's her newly discovered individuality what inspires her, but… Speaking of bad exponents of healthy singleness!


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