Mommy, I want to go home!

Apparently French's nostalgia has gone pretty far, as far as to venerate the public school system of the 1950's. If not take a close look at the new reality show in which a group of pupils is submitted to a harsh old fashioned education.

The job that suits you best

When things go wrong there's always somewhere else to put the blame on but the life models we choose. That is, if you are dissatisfied with your job, it must be because you haven't found the right one. Peek on a quiz that feeds precisely this view…

Not only is our body made of millions of bacterial cells, but also it turns out that these could in fact be beneficial for us. Read it next.

Then, someday you could be reading your genetic makeup to determine your propensities for certain diseases. And that day is closer than ever.


Want to know which is the connection between the eyes and the hallucinations caused by our brains?

And afterwards sneak a peek on how hypnosis can affect our minds, and what are doctors doing to use it in our advantage.

Job perspective

Find out what does sleep has to do with creativity, and the unusual (and desperate) ways in which British employers are trying to motivate workers.

Is midlife crisis leaving less room for Ferraris and more for bottles? Men on their 50s are starting to hear the paternal calling, especially after the longevity leap, and the fact work has never been less fulfilling.

Some day spacecrafts could be powered by thunder.

Read more on the exciting prospects of life in other planets.

September 22nd, Wednesday, 2004, Ip nº 89.

A step closer to omnipotence
Brain Check

Consider the current landscape: we are getting each day closer to being able to adjust as we please almost every determinant aspect of ourselves. Neuroscience is rapidly making us aware of the inevitable connection that exists between our brains and our emotions, thus influencing our health and the way we treat our bodies. The following selection of articles talks about the search for brain pathways that prove this link, and ways to control them, proposing that we can teach ourselves to be healthy. And these are just glimpses of what is happening in the med-tech field, but what about genetics or even advances on the memory field? -other determinant aspects of what and identity is supposed to be about. So when standing so close to the chance of tailoring ourselves, are you going to take it?

If you look closer to some of the contemporary remedies to treat disease you may probably find that human will has been taken out of the equation and replaced with drugs and such. As if somehow we would have forgotten how to overcome troubles through our strength and motivation…

Plus read on more empowering breakthroughs... First, doctors have spotted the areas of the brain involved in unlearning fears, a major step to treat post-traumatic stress disorder for example.

And then, thanks to the first molecular-scale images scientists can see how a virus interacts with our DNA and create drugs to block it.,1286,64978,00.html

Appeared in Newsweek Magazine (USA)

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