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Excecutive parachutes: a loyal fiend
...ready to jump out the office window, are being sold in the Internet... (continue)

Here you can find extra information about health discoveries related to the prolongation of human life expectancy.
Scientists unlock heart secret of red wine.
Information on new treatments to defeat Cancer.
And then a debate on Nanotechnology.

Smile while you can

Celebrities' life pics

I've been reading lots of interviews to public figures, such as actors, musicians, writers, and surprisingly I found I could formulate some general precepts…

1: It's definite that at some point of their careers artists become members of an exotic religious group or suddenly discover the joy of life (this stage coincides with the mid thirties or the forties, sometimes after giving birth or recovering from an immoderate past).

2: Most of the times this awareness gaining process implies giving up complications and evolving towards a simpler and less selfish style of life.

3: Furthermore, there's a realization that time isn't limitless, and the omnipresent notion of death leaves its trace.

4: There's a revalorization of daily activities and family life; and it's in this context that the artist talks about how proud and happy he is with his most recent work (it could be a movie, a record, etc).

Any similitude with reality is absolute coincidence?
So take a look at these fragments of interviews and statements of different artists.
Enjoy it!
And here's an interview to Leonard Cohen, an acclaimed songwriter.
"Life is simpler to me now"
Primal fear

UK set to ban human cloning

The following column centers the attention on a discovery made in the past weeks, and which meant a huge step in the field of med-tech, turning human embryonic stem cells into brain cells.

Here are the consequences of this finding. And people's apparent impossibility to separate two different purposes of stem cells clonation: creating an entirely new human life, and on the other side developing reconstructive therapy.
Senate Declines to Take Up Proposed Cloning Moratorium
A bug's life

The Quest to End Game Addiction

These days one very popular addiction seems to be game compulsion.

This condition characterized by "the interruption of life's basic components", suddenly brought to my mind the vacuity and the lack of meaning of some current ways.
And what's more interesting, it seems that hardcore gamers are in fact people who experiment extreme boredom, sadness and even anger, looking for something new and exciting.

Could it be that game dependence is actually the symptom and not the sickness?

More on military and legal measures:
Here are some articles to keep you up date with what has been happening in Europe and US last weeks, regarding new legislation that has been approved.

in Europe.
NYT December,6
offered by Us government for...
CNN November,30
And next an

By Tom Segev.
NYT November,25


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