Why music?

Take a look at this piece which talks about our historic relation with music, and which could have been its evolutionary reason to emerge. So find out what happens to our brains and souls when we just can’t stop humming a tune.

Scientists have identified the long-term memory protein, which may lead into a new era in treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. Check it out!

And find out if eating fruits and vegetables really wards off cancer.


How does stem-cell research panorama look like afterwards the elections?

The unlived life

Sneak a peek on this Angelina Jolie’s interview where she speaks of her life expectations, and of how at some point acting can outshine life when actors live through their characters only.

Privacy Issues

Then find out more on the tricky spyware technologies invading our computers.

Showbiz news

RIAA has doubled the bet filing another round of lawsuits against students in college compuses.


In a exciting new discovery Harvard scientists have manipulated stem cells from the brains of mice and induced the birth of new neurons.

Job perspective

Sleep problems? Don’t worry, you are not alone. It seems that most of Britons suffer from sleep deficit.

Follow the new wave of political ad hoc documentaries so annoyingly trendy these days.(Salon free day pass required).

Saturn's largest moon continues to puzzle scientists...

November 10th, Wednesday, 2004, Ip nº 96.

Armed with our values we march
Rise of moral issues produces a shift right beyond the Democrats

Have you pictured political elections as a cultural phenomenon? Though many people regards it as something entirely political that little has to do with culture or people's outlook on somehow more everyday matters, 2004 US election have proved all wrong. Much more than choosing a president or a party appeared to be in the air this time around. It seemed as if an underground war between different life views was being fought. More complex topics such as marriage and family make up, clonation, abortion, and security, played a determinant role in helping Americans make up their minds. The outcome revealed a not so surprising national stand on more traditional views, and perhaps even an error of judgment in the liberal trenches. How will the result affect life both in and outside US from now on? What does this triumph mean? And what definition will have this "cultural battle"?


Here you will find data on how the proposition of a gay-marriage ban may have help Bush to win over voters, and on how democrats were on the contrary debilitated for their support of gay issues.



Plus, read how the state of California challenged national stem cell decision passing proposition 71, being clonation other of the "hot" topics included in the propositions attached to the electoral ballot.


And finally read an insight on what could democrats have done better.


Sympathy for idleness
Feeling ill? Go to work

On other scope of news, a recent British study proposes that the best way of getting over sickness or stress is to go to work. As curious as it sounds the study suggests ill workers are more likely to feel better when returning to their daily labours, and confronting their troubles. Good news for bosses everywhere, especially when a simple flu could turn into a chronic disease. The core of the matter specialists say is that both employees and doctors are used to prescribe sick notes without being rigorous enough. Nonetheless, organizational dysfunction is only a consequence of other things, such as people's impossibility to integrate their jobs to their lives as something satisfying, and our own laziness often exacerbated by the surroundings. How can we respond to the indulgent culture's effect on us?


Take a look at the following Los Angeles Times poll: check how did national and Californian voters pick their candidates and which were the main premises taken in consideration.
(Los Angeles Times registration required)

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