It is ok if you are sad

If you are feeling down don’t worry, according to the UK government it could be mainly because of seasonal disorders (which may have its explanation in evolutionary factors, if that helps you at all). So next time you feel bad consider going to a sunnier place!

According to recent investigations we could learn to manage and administrate our sleep time.

Plus, synchronize with your organism, and you’ll find you could make better use of your body’s possibilities. Read this research on body clocks.


Follow the debate on stem cell clonation that’s taking place in the U.N.

More on the “showbiz-drop outs” and the sense of vacuity experienced by artists.

Memory boom

Where have all the bytes gone?

The biggest governments and corportions are triying to solve one major problem: to keep digital memories from fading away.

Culture in ads

Get to know which will be government´s next step on the gay marriage matter.


Also find out why are we capable of higher cognitive ability, but are we doomed to suffer from neurodegenerative conditions.

Lastly, take a dip on the life of “only childs” in New York City (the national capital of only children).

Nasa´s telescope may enable us to peek on stars and planets in their beginnings...

November 17th, Wednesday, 2004, Ip nº 97.

A false vision of the world: to disconnect yourself from it
The intoxication instinct

A recent New Scientist report deals with the human pursue of mind altering substances, a topic intertwined with some of the most important cultural problems of our time, such as the success of life models, and the constant quest to know ourselves. The piece explains intoxication is an almost inherent condition derived from being human, and wonders what would happen if we could somehow make drugs safer to explore other aspects of our consciousness. In a way the article seems to ask if a better understanding of the world and us might reside in this exploration. But to evade the various motivations behind this drive is just plain suspicious. And to believe chemicals may give us a more profound insight about ourselves than being entirely connected and committed to the world (note: the opposite of taking "a holiday from reality"), it seems plain bogus.

Here you will find a guide to some of the most popular drugs and their effect.

Are you in the plenitude of your life? I pity you
All the Time in the World, Slim Shady? That's Scary

And then, a review on Eminem´s last work it may show us the state of art and its incidence today. The article seems to point out how difficult is for artists to get over the impulse to talk about themselves all time, creating a sort of continuing monologue that not only makes more obvious their "perceptive circumscription", but has turned art into something irrelevant because of the lack of identification people experience. At the same time Eminem´s conundrum (what to do after you already "make it") also serves as a fine example of the way life is currently administrated, and of how the conventional idea of happiness may be too static, too associated with some limit or cycle. But what happens to this notion when those cycles start stretching?

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