Excuse me, what civil rights?

Welcome to America, a place where you can’t warrant that your basic civil rights will be respected. And just to ensure that, authorities are proud to announce that the enforcement of civil rights laws has dropped since 1999. Cheers!

It seems that scientists are investigating the consequences of mood swings and depression on Parkinson.


And the US suspended its bid for a U.N. ban on human cloning.


After, check out what "cosmetic neurology" is.

Showbiz news

Read an interview to Wilco (one of the first bands that capitalized the file-sharing phenomena) on why music industry still doesn´t get it.

Job perspective

Get to know more on the popular condition commonly known as “burnout”.

Social addictions

Check some more data on the dilemma over treating youngsters with antidepressants.

Cultura in ads

It seems that while the national climate points to a gay marriage ban, some states march their own pace...

University news

UK educators want young children to be more in touch with university. Find out how.

Finally, witness the spread of what media has called “sexual hysteria”.

To the joy of astronomers Martian methane suggests there could be life somewhere in the red planet.

November 24th, Wednesday, 2004, Ip nº 98.

Trying to catch time
Life in the Slow Lane

A recent European best seller that talks about the current necessity to "slow down" called "In praise of slowness", seems to point to an increasing cultural concern: how to manage our time so that we could live a more satisfying life. When learning to equilibrate work and leisure seems to be a prime need, the feeling that we could be misusing time, and that work has an omnipresent role in our lives could be overwhelming. But it is not necessarily the same to live better than to live slower, it would seem to be more about choices than velocity. And though it´s important to have and agenda to deal with this matter, be careful with the processes of disconnection like physical or mental isolation, loss of the sense of time, and even going through stages of reconnection with the past. The key is not to avoid the passing of time but to understand our trauma with it.


More info on the movements to try to slow down life.


Pick your loony house
The Dorms May Be Great, but How's the Counseling?

Then, a rather depressing piece on the new parameters parents should take notice at the time of choosing a college for their kids. With the intention of helping people to pick the right college the article dishes on the importance of a vital aspect: the quality of the mental health system. It also serves as a gloomy reflection of what teenagers go through when being at university, and also on the common procedures and treatments usually offered to cope. But it's somehow difficult to concentrate on tuitions and such details when reading on the increase of clinically depressed youngsters. Can't help wonder if the same cynicism applied to keep promoting the university style of life is the one behind this article. Or is just that we have naturalized angst, medication, and health malfunctions as part of the "college experience"? Can we consider that certain cultural customs are to some extent the drug of choice for cynics?


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