Miércoles 15 de Junio de 2005, Ip nº 113

Nielsen says system shows more TV watching
New electronic gadgets introduced by Nielsen Media Research to track television viewing show that more people -- men in particular -- are watching more television than measured under the old paper diary system.

Each of the four markets where the so-called people meters have been introduced showed an increase in the number of people watching television in May 2005 compared with May 2004, Nielsen said.

The new local-TV ratings system, which replaces a written paper-diary system with a remote-control-like device, showed an 18.6 percent in TV viewing in San Francisco, followed by a 9.1 percent gain in New York, 1.4 percent in Chicago and 0.5 percent in Los Angeles.

Among TV watchers, the demographic that saw the biggest increase was men between the ages of 18 and 49, an audience that advertisers pay a premium to reach.

San Francisco saw a 31.3 percent jump in such viewers, while Chicago gained 16.3 percent, New York rose 12.7 percent and Los Angeles increased 7.5 percent, according to Nielsen, a unit of Dutch market research company VNU N.V.

The new meters electronically record the TV viewing of all household members on a continuously, allowing Nielsen to capture lower-rated channels that don't always receive ratings under the old diary system.

The latest people-meter data also showed that TV watchers are tuning in to two-thirds more channels than was previously recorded in diaries.

The new system, which is being introduced in 10 major markets by 2006, came under fire as it started rolling out last year from a number of media companies who said it undercounted black and Hispanic viewers.

Nielsen has countered that all TV shows, not just programs geared to minorities, have had their ratings affected when measured by the new electronic technology.

  09/06/2005. Yahoo News.