Miércoles 2 de Mayo de 2007, Ip nº 189

Kirsten Dunst in JANE

ON BEING SINGLE UNLIKE BRYCE WHO IS MARRIED… “I wish I were in a Bryce stage. I’d rather be with someone I love, at home making dinner, than be single, for sure.”

ON MEETING “THE ONE”… “For me, it’s an intuitive thing. I have to be blown away or have a really good conversation and laugh with the person right away. Manny, who did our hair for Spider-Man 3, gives me advice and is soulful. He says I’m going to be pregnant within two years.”


ON BEING LAZY AND MAKING SACRIFICES… “…I can be lazy. What do I need to do today? Um…eat? [Our generation is] lazy when it comes to making sacrifices. One of my girlfriends—who will be pissed at me when she reads this—wants to be in the movie business, but she doesn’t want to take a pay cut. You have to take the pay cut if it’s your passion.”

ON PROJECTS SHE DID AS A YOUNG ACTRESS… “When I was younger, I did projects because I liked them, even if it was total schlock. But whatever—people come up to me and say, “Drop Dead Gorgeous is so funny, I rent it all the time.” I had fun. Now I want to take a break. I’m going to art school in New York soon. It’s six hours a day for two and a half weeks.”

ON THINGS SHE WANTS TO DO NOW THAT SHE’S TAKING A BREAK FROM ACTING… “… I want to intern! That’s the stuff I missed out on. I also want to have a café that I could close off after hours for my friends. We would play board games and have a lovely chef and serve wine.”

ON WANTING TO BE A PROFESSIONAL ARTIST… “Well, I could be an artist. I am one. I paint at home. I want to be someone who puts together the biennial exhibit at the Whitney museum. That would be an incredible job. But then, art-world people are a little snobby. That’s in every business, I guess.”


ON BEING MARRIED… “I’m really happy, so I’m not going to argue. I was the worst single person on the planet! All I would do is stalk one person incessantly until he finally dated me.”

ON HER FATHER, DIRECTOR RON HOWARD, MAKING HER WAIT TO BECOME AN ACTRESS... “… When I was young there would be kids on my dad’s sets, like for ‘Parenthood,’ and I’d be like ‘Why can’t I be one?’ But my parents were firm that I couldn’t consider [acting professionally] until college.”


ON KNOWING IF HER HUSBAND, ACTOR SETH GABEL, WAS “THE ONE”… “Yes. The first time I saw him, I broke into hives. I went home and wrote in my journal, ‘I met the man I’m going to marry.’ I just knew it. But he didn’t know it for eight months.”


  01/05/2007. Jane Magazine.