August 8th, Wednesday, 2007, Ip nº 202

A pendular trap Versión en Español
By Carlos Lavagnino

Illustration by Carlos Almirón      

According to the chart included in this edition of the Independent Perspective, it is clearly seen that nowadays the debate as regards the way to balance the professional and personal fields apparently defined has gained importance.

Thus, each individual seems to be free to find his singular formula to combine these two “universal” ingredients. This opinion poll and even the words chosen to represent both phases -“work life” versus “personal life”- are peculiar.

The possibility of oscillating promptly between these two poles is one of the outstanding maintenance maneuvers of this culture which enables, in the presence of a crisis, to stare at the other side, complicating a perception of the unconcealed bonds that link the apparent opponents fighting for our energy.

However, the problem gets worse when the scenario and the terms of the debate related to the individual projection monopolize this duality. Basically and in style of a democracy of two signs of alternation, both models share and distribute a conception of social integration to a very large scale: the individual shall choose an area of professional interest and provide the society with a “normal” entity, his workforce (depersonalized workforce, according to the terminology of the before mentioned poll). On the other side, he should choose a social-emotional area that preferably produces a valuable asset, especially for the States which are submerged in demographic and previsional calamities: children.

But the cyclical abuse of this pendulum is not able to indefinitely postpone the perception of the overwhelming correlation between both schemas, and hence, the need of an overall line of reasoning that reports the costs, the omissions and the resulting choices.

The perpetual movement of the totalitarian pair is dissolved with the mere verification of the fact that when it expands and recognizes itself, the multiple dimensions bring an end to the hegemonic tension and the sustainability arises.

Let the man be the one who releases his creative potentials from his limited corners, many of his interests and relationships bearings.

  August 8th, 2007. Independent Perspective,


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