September 5th, Wednesday, 2007, Ip nº 206

A leap into the implementation Versión en Español
By Carlos Lavagnino

Illustration by Carlos Almirón      

Among the multiple barriers that the inertial culture inspires to impose on ourselves is the one that imaginarily divides the critical spirit from the capacity for concrete action.

From the primary delegation of civic life, including the scientific practice which needs this division within its diagram of massive fragmentation, to the double disposition entity/audience of the entertaining business, an invisible membrane which defuses an eventual transmission chain between the conceptions and its interactive and coherent instance can be foreseen.

Deep down, the unavoidably corporative nature of the “given culture” will be pleased to verify the decrease in the critical display at the pace of the individual’s acknowledgement of the fact that in order to manage himself, he needs to flow into any of the pre-existing collaboration diagrams at a large scale, whose motivational and moral transitivity are lost in far off confines –out of reach of his horizon of decision making.

Thus, there follows an implicit call for getting used to this abyss.

What about the critical ability? At the least, it is deeply wounded and hurt in connection, it is over-adapted to the corporative functionality or to an expression of unlikely contribution.

The realization of the disagreement is then directly associated with a quotidian and grandstanded sub product, a micro show condemned to consume itself in the ephemeral nature of its character.

Therefore, it is vital to take advantage of the available current elements to articulate alternative models, which by reshaping the individual’s position on his productivity and his own restrictions would release the critical action, first hostage of the integration rush of preceding facts.

Once the panorama is opened, the critique adopts another meaning since the construction has a further responsibility. This tandem has to be shown in the design of the organizations and the resulting projects, enabling, in this way, that what is born out of the individual’s coherence be structured in a sustainable manner.

The systematic critique of Culture is a bridge between the need of personal perspective and the search for diversity of an evolving world.

Independence is possible.

  September 5th, 2007. Independent Perspective,


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