Miércoles 26 de Septiembre de 2007, Ip nº 209

Outsiders are the new insiders
Por Heather Havrilesky

Giving in to their usual copycat compulsions, the network masterminds have combined the self-deprecating-misfit high jinks of "Ugly Betty" with the supernatural wonders of "Heroes," presenting an assortment of fall sitcoms and dramedies that focus on the trials and tribulations of the Very Special outsider. These awkward, offbeat protagonists struggle with a wide range of challenges, from lovable nerdiness to a Cro-Magnon brow. But whether their self-esteem, their souls or their long-term memories have gone missing, one thing is clear: Mild amusement and halfhearted chuckles are coming right up!

When you peruse this handy clip 'n' save 2007 Comedy Chart (or the 2007 Drama Chart that ran earlier this week), you'll notice something odd: The former rules of genre no longer seem to apply, and hybrids are the flavor of the month. Just as many of this year's drama pilots were unexpectedly humorous and jaunty, so, too, are many of this year's comedy pilots surprisingly somber. In fact, we were so confused by ABC's hourlong dramedy "Pushing Daisies" that we decided to list it on both charts. (OK, we also did that because it's one of our favorites in the group.) Other comedies that look reasonably promising are CW's "Aliens in America," Fox's "Back to You" and the midseason sitcom "The Return of Jezebel James," also on Fox.

  13/09/2007. Salon.com.