November 14th, Wednesday, 2007, Ip nº 216

The scope of a virtual escape Versión en Español
By Carlos Lavagnino

Illustration by Carlos Almirón      

Delay and circulation. Like a main character between scenic walls on top of herself, today she knows she can still circulate and be delayed.

To build something critically is almost a utopia, but two resources arise apparently in a navigable manner: to postpone definitions and to move.

She has been harassed by culture; however, she can not identify the origin of the besiege yet. As well as she knows by intuition she shall not give in to the institutionalized sadness, her instinct tells her to soften the emptiness of her own proposal-making weakness by saving time. Time and space.

The plane takes off and the landscapes rotate under her restless feet. Other sceneries come to renew the hope of venturing.

She takes a deep breath and she gazes through the window some vaguely connected air, bearing on present and future, pure reality.

Another frame comes now: its screen has sparkles of spaces and stories polarized in the equidistance.

Panoramas and contents move and join to the habit of observing things change. The alternation dilutes the burden of what is given, but it moves further away the moment of confrontation.

She can feel virtuality is also an attenuation drug of criticality which threw its language onto an inapprehensible world. At least, for a long time, culture will not be able to reach her.

Far from there, another girl comes out to the same world, and she would strongly need a signal. Nevertheless, this girl can not see her; she is on the other side of the horizon now.

  November 14th, 2007. Independent Perspective,


Me parece interesante, pero no entiendo bien que significa que la cultura no te alcance. Acaso la cultura es para vos algo único? 
Alejandra, 15/11/2007 14:24
Hola Ale.

Creo que la idea de dinámicas evasivas respecto de la cultura que a uno le toca vivir puede ser válida más allá de que ésta sea única o no.

Sin embargo, resulta curioso observar el asombroso parecido del "tronco central" de lo que se suele presentar como un escenario de culturas diferentes.

Esa similaridad quizás contribuya a una sensación de indefectibilidad ante la cual una poco sustentable "fuga virtual" se aparezca como única estrategia de disenso, en vez de una construcción alternativa sólida y real.
Charly, 15/11/2007 16:05

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