Jueves 27 de Marzo de 2008

Nearly half of marriages doomed for divorce, study finds
Por Claire Truscott

Nearly half of British marriages are likely to end in divorce, according to the bleak picture painted by a new statistical study.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) found 45% of marriages will end in divorce before a couple's 50th anniversary if 2005 rates continue, with almost half of these splits occurring before couples reach 10 years of marriage.

After the first decade, fewer than 31% of marriages will end in divorce, and after 20 years the proportion falls to about 15%.

The study, which analysed divorce and death rates from 2005, concluded that 10% of married couples are likely to celebrate a 60th wedding anniversary.

The figures were revealed a day after the institution of marriage took a further knock when official statistics showed the number of weddings in 2006 was the lowest for 110 years.

Marriage grew in popularity between 2002 and 2004, but fell by 9% in 2005 in England and Wales, when the long-term trend towards cohabitation out of wedlock resumed.

Provisional figures for 2006 released by the ONS yesterday showed there were 236,980 marriages, a further 4% decline on the previous year.

  27/03/2008. The Guardian.