Miércoles 23 de Abril de 2008, Ip nº 227

Gwyneth Paltrow on pregnancy
(ANSA) Oscar winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow, 35, is not interested in having another baby... at least for right now. Gwyneth and husband Chris Martin, 31, of Coldplay are busy parents to Apple Blythe Alison, who will be turning 4 next month, and Moses, who just turned 2. The active mom says she is a "wreck" keeping up with her two children explaining:

"Please no! There are no plans for anymore. I mean, I wouldn't rule it out for later, but it's hard to be a mother. It's years of not sleeping, it's years of putting people ahead of yourself, or at least it should be. Some days you feel exhausted, like today. I'm a wreck."

Gwyneth also finds the idea of pregnancy a little daunting and admits she did not breeze through it with her two pregnancies.

"Some women love it -- I feel terrible from start to finish. So sick in the beginning and in such a bad mood. If one could just appear, maybe I'd consider having another child sooner."

  10/04/2008. Celebrity Baby Blog.