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Father stabs 3 sons, killing two
Syracuse, New York (CNN). A man stabbed his three young sons, killing two, before police arrived and shot him dead, police said Sunday.

Sgt. David Sackett of the Syracuse Police Department said the incident happened late Saturday night. Police received several 911 calls from neighbors after they heard screams in the house in north Syracuse.

One caller said he saw children through the windows "motionless on the floor" and a man walking through the house covered in blood, Sackett said.

The children's mother returned home from a wedding to find the door was locked, Sackett said. The mother's brother, Loc Le, told CNN his sister looked inside a window and saw her youngest child lying on the floor, with blood all over him. Her screams for help were heard by a neighbor, who called police, Le said. He said the couple had lived together for eight years, but was unmarried.

Sackett said the children's father, Cuong Tran, 33, told the mother through the door that he was "killing her children."

Police arrived at 11:11 p.m. and forced their way inside a first-floor entrance. Once inside, they broke through a door secured by a chain lock and found a child lying motionless on the floor. Tran was standing inside the room, armed with a knife, Sackett said.

"The suspect came after police with a knife," Sackett said. An officer then fired his service revolver, killing Tran, the spokesman said.

Danny Tran, 6, and his brother Randy, 5, were found in separate rooms, stabbed to death.

A third child, Andy, 7, was lying in another room with multiple stab wounds, Sackett said. He was taken to University Hospital where he was listed in critical condition Sunday.

"We believe that if the 911 caller hadn't called at that time, and the police hadn't arrived when they did, that the third child would have been dead also," said Sackett, who called it the "worst incident" he had seen in more than a decade on the force.

The children's mother stayed overnight at an area hotel, Sackett said. Her sister, Kim Cao, told CNN she was taken to Community General Hospital for treatment of shock.

Cao said Tran, who was Vietnamese, had been in the United States for 13 years. He lost his job at a manufacturing company six months ago and had been unemployed since then.

Loc said the couple had lived together for eight years. He described Tran as a "good, family-caring guy" whom he had never known to be violent.

Asked what may have led to the killings, Loc said, "We have no idea. That's what we're trying to find out ... All I want to do is get my sister back."

  01/07/2008. CNN.


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