Jueves 6 de Septiembre de 2001, Ip nº 4

Interview to Eve Ensler, the author of Monologues of the vagina
In the fifth century, Saint Augustine -the first Christian philosopher- sheltered from his rebellious male organ in spiritual life. Today, Eve Ensler suggests travelling the inverse course of the one taken by the influential bishop's, whose ideas became essential to the development of sexual repression in the western world. She proposes all women -from Afghanistan to Argentina- assume total control of their genitals to achieve their complete fulfilment.

"Sex is bright, beautiful, it's a way to enlightenment and spirituality ", states the author of the Monologues of the vagina, the successful play today running in 31 cities of the world. "The disconnection between sexuality and spirituality is definitely unfortunate because, to me, sexuality is the highest from of spirituality ", says the writer.

(...) Ensler explains that it wasn't her who chose the vagina, but the vagina that chose her, and that this happened almost by chance one day she was talking to a feminist. Ensler says she's been a feminist since she can remember; her inspiration, she declares, came from Simone de Beauvoir. But, although her play's purpose is to spread a message, she doesn't think she's doing theatre and activism.

"I don't think I'd call it activism. The play shows women's stories in a very realistic way. I think that's why it's so successful. Women identify with the characters. I believe the play definitely has an agenda, and personally I'd like to see women become stronger, loving their vaginas, feeling good in this world".

- But, do you feel a part of a revolution...?

- I do, of a permanent revolution to free women. And I know that by setting women free we'll be setting men free as well.

- What do you think a world of free women would be like?

- It'd be a world where women get up every morning loving and living in their bodies, no matter their shape or size. A world where all women feel really good about their vaginas, their lives. Where we can walk the streets without fear, without terror, night and day. A world where we can work as whatever we feel like or find out what we want, being in touch with our desires at every level. I think this can be achieved.

"I'm starting to realize that women all over the world have the same desires, the same problems, the same things arouse them, and the same things make them indignant. Although all of this shows through different cultural prisms, I think deep down it's the same old story everywhere. This makes me hopeful that a movement can exist. There's a great unity among women from all over the world".

Translation by Carolina Friszman

  22/08/2001. Clarín.com.


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