Martes 31 de Julio de 2001, Ip nº 2

The young new army
Born in Berkeley, California, the Ruckus Society was founded in 1995 by Mike Roselle. Here, in a huge campus watched by the five teens working as instructors, left-wing activists are taught how to perform a direct action campaign stressing the importance of non-violent protest and peaceful civil disobedience.

Like John Sellars says, "We're talking about making a non-violent revolution, a revolution our parents will want to be part of. It may sound trite, but it's true."(...)

Today the winter holidays have already started and more and more cars keep arriving in Malibu. Two, three or dozens of youngsters get out of the vans carrying sleeping bags, tents and clothes for the week. Some of the hundred who came - 70 of which are women - have a stereotypical alternative look.

(...)"Violent people are dangerous for the movement, but that's hard to tackle. We agree not to use violence" says Jessica Coven. Coven's parents support her all the time. Her father has a sticker on his Mazda that reads "Free Tibet". This parental support is precisely what Ruckus proclaims.

(...)"Nowadays people are concerned about what goes on in the world. So these groups - that basically pursue global justice and want powerful institutions to stop manipulating the smaller ones - are learning and teaching how to work. What's wrong about that?".

Translation by Carolina Friszman

  20/07/2001. Seth Mnookin Spin Magazine / Clarín.


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