Martes 31 de Julio de 2001, Ip nº 2

Hackers, politics and love
The Hi-Tech Hate is one of the most feared group of hackers in Europe.

Its leader, an 18 year-old Italian who calls himself B4db0y, spoke to the Roman newspaper La Repubblica.

-Why are you aiming at the G8?

-We are young people who are disappointed by our countries' political forces, but we have several values in common. We intend to wake people up. If somebody wakes up one day and, thanks to what we do, realizes he lives in a world that's devoted to pursuing stupid commercial interests, that means our work wasn't in vain. In that sense, we're very close to the anti-G8 movement.

-How did you decide to become hackers?

-The group was born last October, few months after a very close friend of mine committed suicide. Before dying, this person made me promise I'd do what I'm doing. I started by myself, the rest of the people joined me later. But you mustn't get the impression that we're somber, sad people: on the contrary, while we do what we do we find new motivations.

-What kind of motivations?

-When that initial period of getting going ended, I started dedicating the attacks to my girlfriend, Simona. And everybody else started doing the same thing. Then, we became famous among the other hackers as the ones who dedicate their attacks to their girlfriends.

-And what does she think?

-She's got used to it. She considers me a unique person. Although, actually, I define myself as a solitary. Sometimes I even find it hard to understand that Simona loves me so much.

Translation by Carolina Friszman

La República/Clarín

  Agosto de 2001. Independent Perspective,


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