Miércoles 2 de Julio de 2008, Ip nº 236

Prescription drugs: rock's new coke and heroin?
Por Scott Thill

Aerosmith screamer Steven Tyler was once the poster boy for drug addiction in the music biz. In fact, Tyler and Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry were known as the "Toxic Twins" for their heroin and sundry other habits. But Tyler has a new drug, and this time it's over-the-counter.

While promoting the release of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York on Friday, Tyler told the Associated Press that he recently checked back into rehab not to kick heroin or coke, but prescription meds and sleep aids. After undergoing surgery and physical therapy on his foot, Tyler couldn't hack the pain and admitted himself into a facility for help.

"To have your feet done, to have your leg done, you have to be on narcotics," he confessed to the AP. "You have to be on sleep aids at night. I don't know about Joe, but I was off and running and I didn't like the me that was me."

Prescription meds are the new drug of choice for rock and movie stars, some of whom have fallen prey to lethal doses. Hawthorne Heights guitarist Casey Calvert was felled late last year after mixing opiates with Vicodin, and Dark Knight star Heath Ledger overdosed in January from a deadly cocktail of oxycodone, hydrocodone, diazepam, temazepam, alprazolam and doxylamine.
Eva Mendes reportedly entered rehab earlier this year for prescription drug abuse, and the new film Charlie Bartlett is about a kid who sells drugs at school to become popular. And he doesn't sell weed, coke or smack; he sells pills.

In fact, teens are currently abusing prescription meds more than coke, heroin and meth combined. Only pot can keep up with the painkillers, mostly because no one can find a single person who has ever died from a pot overdose in the history of science. And it's still cheap by comparison: You can buy an eighth of weed for what it costs to palm a single pill of Oxycontin these days. What would Cheech and Chong say?

  28/06/2008. Wired Magazine.