Domingo 28 de Abril de 2002, Ip nº 13

Collective efforts against copyright multiply in the Internet
Por Federico Rampini

The protest against private property of the mind's work is invading new territories. Copyright go down, copyleft rules, is the slogan of an anti-capitalist movement born at the heart of the system.

Not only does the word game allude right and left: it also opposes the author's right to be paid to the copy for everyone, the freedom of copy.


After the Linux trace, the copyleft movement is a avalanche. Now it also has a law supporting, the General Public License: when a product appears with the copyleft mark, it can be copied, changed and distributed by anyone, provided it is free. No one can take advantage, patent it and use it for their own benefit. Copyleft's popularity is confirmed by a number of phenomena of copyright rejection.

One of the was the famous Napster case, the site that allowed millions of teenagers to download songs from the internet without paying one cent of copyright.


But copyleft's most revolutionary experiment has to do with a judicial process. Lawrence Lessig, one of the top jurists of the University of Stanford, is preparing a historical trial against the copyright law.

He has been hired by an online editorial, Eldritch Press, that wishes to offer in the Internet books whose copyright has already expired. And the new US law has extended copyright from 50 to 70 years after the author's death.

Lessig has launched a summoning to all law students of the US universities, from Stanford to Harvard, to contribute to define together with him the legal arguments to face the copyright law, thus giving birth to the first case of Open-Law.

The non-global movement has discovered in copyleft a new resource for its struggle; and precisely in the United States, the center of world capitalism.

  22/04/2002. La Repubblica.


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