Domingo 28 de Abril de 2002, Ip nš 13

Dutch doctor identifies post-orgasmic syndrome
Tired and sweaty after sex? A Dutch doctor said Friday he is studying a rare new syndrome among middle-aged men who complain of flu-like symptoms for up to a week after having an orgasm.

Marcel Waldinger, head of the department of psychiatry and neurosexology at Leyenburg Hospital in The Hague, said he planned to publish a report on "post-orgasmic illness syndrome" in the U.S. Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy this month.

Waldinger has seen five Dutch men in as many years in his practice complaining of flu-like symptoms including a sore throat, sweating, extreme fatigue and eye irritation after sex.

"Men developed influenza-like symptoms within minutes of having an orgasm. It is like having a serious flu. This happens as soon as they have an orgasm," said Waldinger.

"It is a new syndrome or a syndrome which is old but has not been looked at properly."

The syndrome could be a physical disorder caused by an allergic reaction of the immune system in direct response to the release of chemicals in the body after sex. The symptoms lasted between three and seven days, he said.

"We know that during orgasm and ejaculation very specific compounds like hormones are released into the nervous system. One hypothesis is that they might have had an allergic reaction to one of those compounds," Waldinger said.

  13/04/2002. CNN.