Miércoles 24 de Julio de 2002, Ip nº 20

The legend of the headless singer
—Are you looking forward to turning 30?

I can't wait, man. It doesn't bother me at all. I don't recall much of my 26, 27. But 29 is fine. 30s, if I don't lose my hair, would be fine. I'm fine with being 40 or 50 too.

—Would you like to continue to be a rock star at that age, or that's just for boys?

I want to be in the music business as much as I like.


—Do you think the band has made a progress musically?

No it hasn't, because we're not a progressive band. We play rock, we're not going to write Sgt. Pepper's. Neither Kid A or whatever it's called. That's not us. We like writing 12 new songs and that's it. I don't want people to grab their head and say "god, how did they do that?". We play rock for people who drink beer and want to hug and have a good time. It's simple fun. That's it. It dies quickly. If you don't catch it, you miss it.

—You said you'd never write a Sgt. Pepper's, but do you try?

I'd love to, man. But I think it wouldn't be right. You can be high at 20 but not at 30, or when you have two children. It's not for me, I have responsibilities. I dropped acid when I was 20. I should have written it then!

—You don't take drugs as hardly as before?

No, I have two children. And it bothers me that I don't see them as often as I'd like to. But that's life, it's not my first divorce and it won't be the last. When I see them I spend the whole time with them.

—What if your son starts taking drugs at 15, like you did?

I'm sure he will. But if that's all he does, he'll get scolded. I'd rather he didn't, but what kind of person would I be? Drugs opened my eyes. I don't want him to be a fucking idiot. (...)

—What's your day like?

I wake up at six with my son. I eat something at twelve, watch TV, go shopping. And I try to go crazy cause it ends up costing my much.


—Do you feel blessed?

Yeah, I really do. But I've worked hard. I've always made decisions: do I want to be high all the time or to be in a rock band? (...)

—What at your ambitions now?

I'd like to be remembered as a fucking great singer, an extraordinarily handsome guy, a good friend and a shity husband. I accept the good friend thing, better boyfriend, mega-cool dad and if somebody has a problem he can come see me. I know how to listen.

—What would you recommend to a kid who wants to be a rock musician?

Just to trust him, man. You have to want to be as grand as The Beatles. You have to aspire to that and act as if you're the best in town, no matter what. (...)

Translation by Carolina Friszman

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  12/07/2002. Clarín.com.