Domingo 19 de Mayo de 2002, Ip nš 15

Clinton says TV show unlikely, but appealing
Former President Clinton said it's unlikely he'll start a new career as a television talk show host but admitted the idea does have its appeal, according to National Public Radio.

Clinton met with NBC executives last week in Los Angeles to discuss the possibility of a show, an unconventional move for an ex-president and one that generated a flurry of attention.

"I don't think this is going to happen," Clinton said during an NPR interview scheduled to air Friday. "I'd be surprised if this did."

Clinton, a guest on NPR's "The Tavis Smiley Show," said a TV forum would allow him to address "the things I care about in an environment where people would be free to listen."

He could approach issues "not in a partisan way" but in an educational manner, the former president told Smiley, according to an NPR transcript of the interview.

Clinton, who said reports on his NBC talks contained inaccuracies, added that neither he nor the network were the impetus for the meeting. He was approached by a group of people, whom he didn't identify, and asked for help in financing a show, he said.

Asked if he would accept a position in which he provided analysis or commentary, Clinton said he didn't know.

NBC has declined to talk about the meeting, and a spokeswoman for Clinton downplayed its significance last week, calling it one of many discussions he's had about potential projects since leaving office.

  10/05/2002. CNN.