Jueves 15 de Agosto de 2002, Ip nš 22

Looking for a husband? Look up
LONDON, England (Reuters) -- Height matters when it comes to having children, according to a study showing that tall men are likely to have more kids than their shorter contemporaries.

But the reverse is true for women, according to details of the study published in the Independent newspaper on Wednesday.

The survey of 10,000 people born in 1958 found that height plays an important role in finding a partner and having children by the age of 42. British men of average height -- 5-foot-10 -- had significantly fewer children by middle age than a 6-foot-1 man, the newspaper reported.

For women, however, those most likely to be married with children by the same age were between 4-foot-11 and 5-foot-2, or below the average female height of 5-foot-4.

The study's author, Daniel Nettle of the Open University, said the findings showed the difference in height between the sexes continued to play a role in the likelihood of someone finding a partner and having children with them.

"It is known from psychological tests that women find tall men attractive but that men don't particularly find tall women attractive," Nettle was quoted as saying. "These results show that this does play out in real life."

The study was published in Proceedings of the Royal Society, a publication of the UK scientific academy.

  13/08/2002. CNN.