Martes 27 de Noviembre de 2001, Ip nº 8

In the U.S. and the U.K. experts already augur baby-boom
According to surveys, people in those countries have intensified their sexual activity to the sound of warlike conflict. Here's an interview to John Gray, a sexologist and the author of the best-seller "Men come from Mars; women, from Venus ".

In times of uncertainty and anguish there are changes in sexuality, in our communication habits, in our way to see - or not to see - the future. With war, there's an increase in sexual stimulus. This phenomenon is known as "terror sex". While in the U.S. people has been talking about an imminent baby-boom, in the U.K. the first figures have already been published: a survey carried out to 3.000 people reveals that 30% of men and 25% of women have today a more intense sexual activity. According to the experts, couple as a value regains relevance, as people tend to look for shelter in stable relationships.

--What causes the intensification of sexual relations?

--War and the threat of terrorism make people come togather and strengthen their bonds. Due to fear, the need of the other and the wish for being close to them becomes clearer. But we must be careful: when danger knocks on our door, the conflic emerges. As soon as we feel a little safer, we notice the need of beeing more loved. This is the tension, neurosis phase, when fights multiply.

--Will there be a baby-boom in the U.S.?

--Stress has never influenced the predictions for the future as much as it does at present. In the U.S. the sale of anti-depressive pills has increased at 30%. People feel bad. And those who were already feeling bad are feeling worse now. I don't believe this will cause them to make love more often.

--However, some people have been talking about "terror sex" and a sort of erotic euphoria…

--What actually is on the increase - and will continue to be in the next few months, in my opinion - is the need of erotism. And also, unfortunately, the consumption of pornogaphy.

--Do you believe there will be more marriages between young people?

--Yes, I'm certain. The wish, even the instinct of feeling safe is growing stronger and stronger. And this security is more and more understood as the need to raise a family. And, consequently, to find a stable partner, marry, have children.

--Will faithfulness become a strong principle?

--It has always been. There are two kinds of unfaithfulness: the chronic and the occasional. I think the latter, this being a moment of such a deep collective stress, is bound to decrease drastically.

Translation by Carolina Friszman

  05/11/2001. La Repubblica.


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