Viernes 21 de Junio de 2002, Ip nº 17

The battle between good and evil
Por Pablo Schanton

Moby and Eminem are the stars of the moment. Together, they have sold more than 27 copies of records. One of them is a catholic, a vegetarian and has a taste for techno, and he considers Eminem a "reactionary". The latter, on the other hand, makes fun of Moby, is a ferocious rapper and provokes the audience brutally.



"I'm have nothing against gays. In the hip-hop world, when a rapper calls someone a fag what he means is that he's soft. And that's the worst."


This time, he makes use of the same word Moby did to announce his resurrection: responsibility. And he has even written a phrase by Moby in one of his lyrics: as entertaining characters we are responsible for the children". In "Sing for the moment", he says "I have a daughter and I'm a responsible parent". The former 'sniper' now wants to settle down and play the role of the father, both for her daughter Hailie Jade, who sings with him in his latest record, and for his fans. The album is so reflexive regarding the place of a pop star that Moby's accusations seem shallow anti-Eminem clichés. The record is a thesis on the pop industry. (...) Eminem does think about the others, his fans, when it comes to painting a self-portrait. He is egocentric, but he doesn't suffer from autism.


A new Eminem? One who joins all the anguished boys coming from disrupted homes, of whom the Nü Metal is so full, but who seems weak sometimes (we can even hear things like: my insecurities could eat me alive, or I'm allergic to death)? False alarm. Even though a more fragile Eminem is announced, today his strength has to do with his paternity.



"The adjective I'd use to describe my latest record is 'warm'. It's very melodic, very feminine", said Moby about his latest record, 18." Moby, with a Morrisey-style, likes to defend his attractive celibacy, and following Cobain, Tom Yorke from Radiohead and the loser Beck, he plays with a sensitive, feminine and even vulnerable image ("I'm a narcisist, I'm megalomaniac, but I have very little esteem"). And he adds, "I'm straight, but I love going to clubs and flirt with women and gay men. This is something few people are prepared for". He loves Jesús beyond Catholicism, he defends the animal rights to the point of being a vegetarian and defines himself as an "intolerant activist in favor of tolerance". A true politically correct person.

Translation by Carolina Friszman

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  01/06/2002. Clarí


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