Lunes 15 de Julio de 2002, Ip nº 19

Legal marijuana in England?
Despite the public opinion's strong opposition, marijuana consumption could cease to be illegal in England before the end of the year, according to yesterday's The Sunday Times.

The newspaper, the British minister of the Interior, David Blunkett, will announce in the next few days his plans to annul for good the penalties currently applied to the crime of possession of "cannabis" (marijuana's scientific name).

Blunkett's decision is closely related to the successful results of a pilot project carried out in London, in the area of Brixton, where "the British Police have sustained a tolerant behavior regarding marijuana consumption, which has allowed them to focus in their combat against crime and other fellonies", stated the minister of the Interior.

Many British citizens welcomed Blunkett's plans regarding marijuana consumption and its social punishment; however, certain politicians who object to it claim that it has provoked an important increase in the use of this drug during the last few months.

According to the Police's figures, the number of incidents of drug possession grew from 76 in March 2001 to 242 in the same month this years.

Marijuana possession and consumption have been punished in the UK with 5 years in jail for more than two decades. If the new regulation is approved, the penalty could be reduced to just an officer's warning.

Translation by Carolina Friszman.

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  01/07/2002. Clarí