Jueves 8 de Agosto de 2002, Ip nº 21

Interview to Oscar Galvez
Por Ricky Donadío

Oscar Galvez, son of the legendary car racer and heir of his name and surname, used to work as a very well paid model in Europe, before he decided to change his life. He said goodbye to fashion and large cities and settled in San Marcos Sierras, a small village in Córdoba, Argentina. Today, he enjoys the pleasures of living in contact with nature.


"Modeling was for me a way to make lots of money with a reasonable amount of freedom, and it allowed me at the same time to start experiencing other things such as yoga and other spiritual disciplines"


-Why did you decide to settle in San Marcos Sierras?

When I got to the village I felt a sort of synchronicity with the place. There was an interaction I can't explain, and it made it clear that this was my place. With my savings, I could build the hostel that was from the beginning conceived to welcome people. A place to recover, where I help guests recover their lost values. Under the circumstances people live in the city, it's very hard finding the true meaning of our existence. The environment is unnaturally demanding, and people's development is forced under conditions that are very different from the ones that ruled when we were created.


"In large cities, life conditions and pressure are intolerable. Here, people can get an acre of land for a very low price, where they can start a new life, ruled by different values."


"Things have a quality you won't be able to find in the city."


-How can a person who's accustomed to the city bare this life?

You don't disconnect from the world here. If you want, you can have a cell phone, satellite TV, Internet, etc; there's light, there's running water, there's gas (...) You can live on half the money here than you need in Buenos Aires.

-How do you help the people who come to your hostel?

We offer a technique known as rebirthing. I'm a yoga trainer myself, and I'm a jiatsu masseur. (...) Thanks to the rebirthing method each person goes through a catharsis of conscience awakening regarding many aspects of their lives, their past and present.

-What would you say to the ones who think that living like that is insane?

I'd advise them to study the way they live, to check whether the political, social and economic system in Buenos Aires works perfectly. Can one continue like that? They who come live here for a while realize what things are really like.

-Do you think this lifestyle is the best option?

Find the proportion of the dwellers who are sick. That equation answers your question. Money or health? That's the question each of us must decide on.

-What took you to your own collapse?

The world of modeling is always related to the ego, the cult of the body, beauty. But I've met models, artists, talented people, who could pay for their activities thanks to the money they made by modeling. Whether the system uses you, or you use the system. It all depends on you personal ability. I've used the system and that allowed me to access this.


"Spiritual maturity allowed me to conceive an integrated world in which respect and equality conform harmony."

-Is spirituality enough?

I think of a building full of apartments, all clutched together, one has a fight with one's wife and the neighbor next door can hear it, a leak in a tube somewhere affects a family somewhere else... that's life in the city, something rather chaotic. Add that to pollution, traffic, thefts, kidnaps, murders. It's all an equation that results in chaos.


Here, you must become a thing-maker if you want it all to work. The hard part is adapting; it's a matter of "I lose something to gain something else". You have to decide what's more important in your life."

Translation by Carolina Friszman.

  Julio de 2002. Planeta Urbano Magazine.


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