Jueves 8 de Agosto de 2002, Ip nš 21

Wanted: Britain's answer to the Simpsons
LONDON, England (Reuters) -- Is your family weird but not totally off the wall and not averse to a spot of celebrity? Then step forward now and prepare for cartoon immortality.

Nominations opened on Monday in a competition to find an eccentric British family whose members will form the basis for a cartoon family along the lines of the Simpsons.

Response has been swift. "It has been meltdown this morning. The Web site is nearly crashing and the phones haven't stopped ringing," David Zeff of Frank PR told Reuters. "People are desperate to become famous."

Marking the launch of digital cable channel Nicktoons TV, U.S.-based cartoon company Nickelodeon began the search for the real life role models of what will be the Nicktoons TV Family.

Children are being asked to nominate their own family if they think it makes the grade for odd behavior.

"We are not looking for total dysfunction or total madness. We want an ordinary family -- whatever that is -- but with a fair share of quirks," Zeff said.

"But the key is that it must be British. This is not popping down to McDonalds for a burger but down to the local greasy spoon for fish and chips instead," Zeff said. "Not coke and fries but tea and biscuits."

Nominations close on September 1.

  22/07/2002. CNN.