Jueves 8 de Agosto de 2002, Ip nš 21

Dial up peace and love with 'phone shui'
LONDON, England (Reuters) -- Job hassles got you down? Relationships causing problems?

Don't despair -- salvation could be just a new mobile phone tone away, according to the principles of "phone shui."

The 21st century take on the ancient Chinese art of feng shui promises "all good things" to those who put the art of harmonious living to use through the omnipresent earpiece.

A Web site launched on Wednesday by feng shui expert to the stars Paul Darby and mobile phone retailer phones4U invites the UK's 28 million mobile phone users to log on and receive a phone shui diagnosis.

Darby said mobile phone users need to understand that their ring tones and how they answer, text and charge their phones can help bring "positive energy" to their lives.

Visitors to the site www.phoneshui.co.uk are asked to answer a set of questions to determine their character type. They are then told how they can get the most from their mobiles to improve high-priority areas of their lives.

Techno-age twist

Must-haves for those looking to spice up their love lives are a pink phone cover and ring tones such as "Endless Love" and "Something Stupid."

Faltering lovers are also told they can rekindle the flame by tying their mobile phones together with a red ribbon and charging them together in the southwest corner of their homes or offices.

Placing an elephant design on their phones should give a boost to those looking to jump-start their careers, while a blue phone with a frog or fish logo could help those looking for a life of riches.

Darby said the techno-age twist on the ancient philosophy could help people cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life.

"I think combining feng shui with one of the items we use most in life, the mobile phone, will provide vital wellbeing on a wide scale for our hectic modern lives," he said in a statement.

  24/07/2002. CNN.