Anthrax film to calm kids’ fears

As more stories of anthrax-laced envelopes are reported, many adults are anxious and on edge.

But what about kids?

BrainPop, a company that creates educational animated movies for preteens, recently developed a new movie called What Is Anthrax?

“There is a lot of anthrax information available for adults but we have not seen anything for kids,” BrainPop COO Yves Saada said in a statement. “We know kids are aware of the anthrax threat and that it is scary to them.”

The movie was created in response to numerous questions from kids about the anthrax scare, such as, “Can I get anthrax at school?” and “Is it safe to open mail?”

The film uses animated characters to explain basic facts about the disease, and reassure kids that the disease is rare and not contagious.

Anyone can download the movie for free at the BrainPop website.The site features a number of animated movies that relate to health, science and technology. Autor: Katie Dean
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