I don’t need anybody

“I don’t need anybody”

-His characters are young. What did you use to do when you were that age?

Watch TV. I would waste between six and eight hours a day watching the worst stuff. And i don’t believe people change when they grow up”.


-You like writing so much. What happens when the moment to direct comes?

It makes me sick. I don’t really enjoy filming at all. I also find it hard to start writing, because being locked up as I usually am I say to myself, “Please, when will the time to start filming come so I can be with other people?” But when it comes, it’s hell.

-A happy ending is a bad ending?

Hmm.. I don’t think so.. A sad ending is better. I’m often accused of being cynical; I’d rather say I’m skeptical.


“I don’t see anything wrong about being pessimistic. Pessimistic people see the world with a little more sense of reality, I think. And this is painful. There are people who have a certain talent to see things from a good perspective. I don’t. Maybe there are good things, but I’m afraid it makes me more nervous to notice I’m missing them”.


-What causes your predilection for characters who are between childhood and adolescence?

When I was 14 I wondered why adults couldn’t have an interest conversation with me. They treated me like a pet. I thought I could have serious conversations. On the other hand, I love working with kids.

Translation by Carolina Friszman Autor: Pablo O. Scholz
Fuente: cla

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