Death fit them well

It is not so risky to think that our convictions regarding death are pretty eloquent about what we think of life. Above all when we analyze how we deal collectively with death, and especially with the industry that has gradually surrounded it.


It is precisely on these reactions that “Six Feet Under” has been constructed.


The Fishers work at an interment company in Pasadena. Its owner and family man dies suddenly while driving the hearse to the airport to pick up Nate, the eldest of the Fisher brothers. The prodigal son is coming from holidays to the family house.


So, what was supposed to be a little make-up Christmas holiday, after the father’s death becomes an odyssey. On the one hand, because this family, that has been coping with others’ deaths for years, has no idea how to do it with their own. On the other, because the father’s death starts unveiling the subtle fissures of the Fishers, a family of experts when it comes to hiding secrets – everybody’s and especially their own.

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