Editorial: 100 steps towards the charmed pursuit

From its beginnings almost 11 years ago, Riorevuelto have always had sympathy for fanciful collections of certain world visuals. Through these sinuous times, those visuals usually crystallize somewhere between a practical knowledge and an inspirational touch, tuned with the challenge of constituting a piece of independent, fresh, and modern culture of instant application in our lives.

Riorevuelto´s Laura Marajofsky has approached, since the first number in 2001, July, a complex outline of helpful categories, ready to collaborate with the task of building new spaces, novel sustainable projects. This commented clipping is the main invitation to discussion in Argentina´s Club I+ meetings, yet a project of global positive deliberation with our friends over there: glances and hopes for prolific, expanded friendships.

We expect to improve this valuable space with online discussion threads for each link, special multimedia editions and more media coverage. And if you have a project related with cultural research or development, let us know. We are building independence, we look for the perspective. Autor: Carlos Lavagnino, Chair, Riorevuelto.
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