Web guide: 9/11 conspiracy theories

Loose Change

The home pageof the movie — download it, or review an index of the evidence it presents online.


An exhaustive collection of information about 9/11, all aimed at debunking the official version. If you lie awake at night wondering where Warren Buffett was on September 11th, 2001, come here.

Cooperative Research’s 9/11 Timeline

A meticulous minute-by-minute account —collaboratively created by the website’s visitors, wiki-style-of the events on September 11th.

Pentagon Research

The single most comprehensive repository of information about the attack on the Pentagon, collected with a skeptical eye to the government’s take on the event.

NIST and the World Trade Center

The National Institute of Standards and Technology conducted a 3-year study of the collapse of the World Trade Center. Its findings are presented here.

Screw Loose Change

A blog devoted to explaining and refuting the conspiracist documentary Loose Change.

The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States

The online version of the 9-11 Commission Report.

Popular Mechanics: Debunking the 9/11 Myths

A lengthy Popular Mechanics article (now a book) examining the physical evidence and expert testimony presented by 9/11 conspiracists.


An extensive website arguing that “the official story regarding September 11th, 2001, is a fabrication and a deception.” Autor: Lev Grossman
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