Sex and the Solitary Women

por Charly

Full circle ending. She says:

“Still, whether the year is 1936 or 2036, it’s my guess that sleeping alone will never become truly fashionable, not because we can’t live without sex or without being part of a couple but because there is nothing more consoling at three o’clock in the morning than body warmth—what one of Clements’ interviewees calls “the cuddle thing.””

Consoling, little word. Why such a relevant life model choosing is related to preparing to the fact of not being able to sleep properly at 3am?

Corporally pesimistic…

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  • Eze

    Having read the full article, in fact “rub” has a softer meaning, but “rub up against” clearly states friction.

    9 de September de 2005 at 12:46 am

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